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OpenVox VS-GWM800S analog module

OpenVox VS-GWM800S analog module

Analog Gateway Module, 8 FXS ports

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$281.93 tax incl.
$233.00 tax excl.

VS-AGU-E1M800-S module allows OpenVox wireless VS-GW1202/1600 Analog series gateways to support Analog telephone connection to the VoIP devices. Each module offers four analog telephone channels.

Technical Specifications:

  • Storage temperature range: -40~125℃
  • Operation temperature range: 0~50℃
  • Operation humidity range: 10%~90%
  • Power source: 12V/12A
  • Max power: 11W
  • Dimension: 22cm × 2cm × 12cm
  • Weight: 200g




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