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Synway SHT-2B/USB

Synway SHT-2B/USB

USB device with 2 analog ports for call recording.

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Synway SHT-2B/USB


The ATP series SHT-2B/USB and SHT-4B/USB are the recording boxes using analog telephone lines and USB1.1 interface. With various recording modules configured in a different way, they can enable the high-impedance recording of the analog phone line via parallel connection and the direct recording of the microphone.




  • High-impedance passive monitoring
  • Start/stop recording using multiple methods
  • Activity/silence detection
  • Call progress monitoring
  • Supports simultaneous full-duplex recording and playback on 4 channels, each with a different format (CCITT A/μ-Law 64kbps, IMA ADPCM 32kbps or Windows WAV)
  • Calling party info (Caller_Id) detection, DTMF and FSK support
  • Programmable tone analyzer detects all kinds of tones
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) support in recording/playback operation
  • Automatically checks the USB recording box to determine the number and type of installed modules
  • Supports most telephone signaling standards (analog)
  • All-in-one setup (recording/playing/signaling)


170 x 130 x 20mm3


≈ 200g

Operating temperature: 0℃—55℃
Storage temperature: -20℃—85℃
Humidity: 8%—80%, non-condensing


Input/output Interface
Headset jack: One φ3.5 stereo jack
Microphone jack: One φ3.5 stereo jack
Telephone line jack: Four 4-pin RJ11 connectors
Handset jack: One 4-pin RJ11 connector
USB jack: One USB1.1 standard interface


Audio Specifications
CODEC: CCIIT A/μ-Law 64kbps,
Audio output power: ≥50mW
Distortion: ≤3%
Frequency response:300-3400Hz ±3dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥38dB
Echo suppression: ≥40dB


Maximum System Capacity
Up to 8 USB recording boxes concurrently per system; up to 4 channels per box


Audio Encoding & Decoding
16Bit PCM 128kbps
8Bit PCM 64kbps
A-Law 64kbps
μ-Law 64kbps
VOX 32kbps
ADPCM 32kbps
GSM 13.6kbps
MP3 8kbps


Input impedance: ≥1MΩ/500V DC ≥10kΩ/1000V AC
Insulation resistance for PC isolation from telephone line: ≥2MΩ/500V DC
Telephone line impedance: Compliant with the national standard impedance for three-component network


Power Requirements
+5V DC: ≤400mA
Power: ≤2.1W





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