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Radisys SYS-6206-40G

Radisys SYS-6206-40G

40G ATCA system, max power & cooling; 5U, 6 slots

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Radisys SYS-6206-40G


The SYS-6206-40G ATCA system is an integrated high-capacity 5U 6 slot ATCA carrier-grade platform that delivers industry-leading 40-Gigabit switching, compute, packet processing, and media processing capabilities.

ATCA provides tremendous flexibility and performance advantages, but at the same time many applications do not require the maximum number of slots that a high capacity 13U/14U platform offers, thus by utilizing a smaller form-factor option Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) can reduce cost but still take advantage of slot scalability.

The six slots provided by the SYS-6206-40G ATCA system support 4 node slots or 5 nodes slots when configured with one Switch/Hub blade for semi-redundant operation. The SYS-6206-40G ATCA system compact size and low weight makes it easy to add in an existing rack to add functionality to an existing system to address remote field/edge applications where 13U/14U platforms are not practical due to space constraints.

The SYS-6206-40G ATCA system meets the unique carrier-grade requirements of the telecommunications industry and provides industry-leading per-slot power and cooling capabilities of 350 watts per slot and greater than 60 CFM per slot cooling performance in a cost-effective manner. This state-of-the-art chassis design is equipped with a push-pull fan tray arrangement that houses high speed fans that are optimized for the most demanding applications. The SYS-6206-40G ATCA system exceeds the necessary airflow and power requirements for current and future generations, thus future-proofing TEMs’ core platform investment for many years to come.

The platform comes standard with dual ATCA-2340 40-Gigabit switch and control modules which provide highly integrated centralized functions such as switching, shelf management, network-timing, and system management capabilities. In addition, the ATCA-2340 supports Radisys switching software that has been hardened and deployed in networks worldwide.

A variety of payload blades are also offered, including high-performance multi-core compute modules, SATA/SAS storage solutions, high-density media processing, and packet processing modules. With a multitude of pre-integrated payload blades, the SYS-6206-40G ATCA system is an ideal choice for tomorrow’s network infrastructure needs — including LTE (SGW, PDN GW), 3G (xGSN, Internet Offload), and DPI (Policy Enforcement, Security, Service Gateways).


SYS6206-40G Platform Includes:

- A6K-SHLF-0506-40G (5U, 40G 6 Slot Chassis)  
- Backplane: Dual Star, 10GBASE-KR (40G) 10KR Backplane
- Dual PEMs, Fan Modules, Pwr Cables
- Front Fillers and Alarm I/O Module Not Included
- 2 EA A6K-RCM-2 (Radisys Chassis Management Module)    
- Enables power, cooling, & telco alarm resource mgmnt via Radisys Shelf Manager
- 2 EA A2340-SWH-CFG1 (40G Switch, Layer 3 support, 4x10GE SFP+ (base), 10x 10GE SFP+ (fabric))
- Ethernet switching protocol support, CLI, APIs, and SNMP agent
- Blade Mgmnt Software: Blade Diagnostics, Module Mgmnt, Log Mgmnt, IP Services Mgmnt
- Optional COM-E, SFP and XFP Modules Not Included      
- 6 EA A6K-FILLER-RTM (Air Flow Management Rear Panels wtih Zone3 Seal/Air Baffle)
- Integrated Platform Software Including:
- Dual Radisys Shelf Manager (PICMG 3.x & AMC 0.x Compliant)
- Software Management Utilities (install, remove, upgrade images)
- Platform Integration and Test
- Middleware Ready
- Hub-based Load Balancing (Pre-installed on ATCA-2xxx)
- IPv6 Routing and Management Software (Pre-installed on ATCA-2xxx)




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