Allo VoIP-E1 Gateway - 1xE1

Allo VoIP-E1 Gateway - 1xE1

Allo VoIP-E1 Gateway - 1xE1

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Allo VoIP-E1 Gateway - 1xE1

Standalone, powerful voice gateway supports up to 50 simultaneous calls on PSTN/IP link and 5 VoIP registration & VoIP Trunks. No additional licenses required for codec transcoding or web interface.


Key Features

  • E1/T1 PRI Gateway; 1 SPAN  interface.
  • Built In Firewall
  • Flexible Call Routing
  • Transcoding (Voice coding G.711 A-law/u-law, G.722 G.729AB) licenses included.
  • Fax Pass-through.
  • Stand Alone with Web User Interface.
  • 128 ms DSP based Echo Cancellation

Additional Features

  • Up to 50 simultaneous VoIP to ISDN PRI calls
  • 1 T1/E1/J1 PRI ports with programmable NET/CPE modes
  • Support SIP v2 (RFC 3261 complaint)
  • Register with multiple SIP service providers
  • ISDN network clock synchronization for error-free communication
  • Interoperable with all the major-brand soft switches and IP-PBXs
  • PIN authentication for accessing Trunks to prevent unauthorized usage
  • Call detail records
  • Web-based configuration and management


Technical Specification


  • Capable of supporting 1 port of E1/T1/J1 PRI interface
  • Signaling Support:
    • T1 - NI1, NI2, AT&T 4ESS, Lucent 5ESS , DMS100, ISO QSIG
    • E1 - ETSI/Euro–ISDN, ISO QSIG
  • Configurable as network side or terminal side.
  • Support SIP v2 (SIP Info, Update, PRACK, Refer)
  • B2BUA
  • SIP Registrar
Support following Voice Codecs
  • G.711 PCM @ 64 kbps (A-law and μ-law)
  • G.729AB
  • G.722
DTMF Support In-band, DTMF relay (RFC 2833) Out-of-Band, INFO method
Echo Cancellation Up to 128msec echo tail length
Fax Fax pass-through
    • Call routing:
      • Flexible dial plan & Number manipulation
      • Time-dependent routing
      • Multilevel alternative routing (Intelligent multiple trunk routings)
      • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
    • Support for calls to Toll Free, local and special service numbers (emergency services, etc.)
    • Early Media Support
    • STUN support
    • Call Detail Records (CDRs)
  • WEB based configuration utility
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Built-in diagnostic tools (trace, debug)
  • DHCP Client
  • DNS
  • SNTP Client
  • HTTP web server
  • NAT Traversal (both manually and STUN)
  • IP Router
    • IP Routing
    • DHCP Server
    • Firewall