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Voxell HSDPA - 3G Analog Gateway

Voxell HSDPA - 3G Analog Gateway

1x UMTS/HSDPA channel, 1x FXS (PBX)

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$782.87 tax incl.
$647.00 tax excl.

Voxell - 3G Analog Gateway


Fixed-cellular 3G terminal that offers connectivity for one voice line(analog telephone or exchange) and internet access for one computer using the 3G-UMTS public land mobile networks.



  • Small - Medium Enterprise:
    • Events organizers
    • Dial-up backup internet connection
    • Business SMS automation
  • Voice and data for vehicles: trains, coaches, inner waters sailing



  • Transfer data rates:
    - HSUPA: up to 7.2 Mbps
    - HSDPA: up to 3.6 Mbps
  • Compatible with all types of PBX or analog phones
  • Can be shared as a dial-up connection in LAN environments
  • Voxell can be configured by running the OAM software on the PC.
  • Connected to a PC Topex Voxell allows sending and receiving SMS
  • Connected to a PC, the Gateway can send SMS to an email account or send emails like SMS (mail2sms and sms2mail).
  • Network backward compatible(fallback to GSM network when there is no 3G coverage)



  • Least Cost Routings: Ideal solution for reduction of costs generated by the use of PSTN lines to connect to UMTS network.
  • Fixed calls to own mobile fleet become group calls
  • All in one voice and data device, reducing investment in several networking equipments and operational costs
  • Using external antenna offers excellent voice signal quality
  • Back-up solution for landline voice and data services: avoid downtime costs
  • Small investment, fast savings
  • Easy and simple install
  • Friendly to use, easy maintenance




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