QuesCom 200 - Q212-4G-2P

QuesCom 200 - Q212-4G-2P

QuesCom 200 (Q212-4G-2P) - 1 PRI Pass Through - 4 GSM - 16 VoIP - Rackmount

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QuesCom 200 (Q212-4G-2P)


Productivity Booster for SMBs & Branch Offices
Dedicated to small enterprises, the QuesCom 200 fits easily into your telephony architecture, and contributes to your business success.
Connected to your IP-PBX, it provides new services to reduce your phone bill and improve productivity.
Be reachable all the time, no matter which phone device you use.
Combine all your voice, fax and SMS messages in your normal email box.Solve all your telephony issues and be focused on your business!


Reduce your costs

The director of a 20 employee small business chose the QuesCom 200 in order to reduce his phone bill. The cost of landline-to-mobile calls from the company office was slashed by 50%. As an added bonus, the mobile phones of the sales representatives were integrated with the IPBX and the cost of their calls was reduced by 30%.


Never miss a lead

No calls are missed thanks to the QuesCom 200, which will answer calls outside business hours or when the operator is busy. A recorded voice welcomes the caller. A short dialogue begins, and the caller is given the option to choose the service or person he wants to reach.


Always be reachable

No need to show several phone numbers on one's business card! A salesman uses a One Number for receiving and placing calls and faxes. All his phones ring simultaneously and he may answer any phone device (office, GSM, home...). The sales director even replaced his desktop phone by a mobile phone


Improve fax processing

No time wasted waiting by the fax machine. Never miss a fax! All employees now use their direct phone line as a personal fax number to send and receive faxes from their desktop.


Support mobile workers

The director typically does not spend much time in his office. With the QuesCom 200, he benefits from similar functions to those on his fixed phone by using his mobile phone. His mobile extension allows him to transfer calls or put them on hold. His mobile phone becomes a mobile extension of the IPBX




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