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MobiLink IP21GSM - VoIP-GSM Gateway

MobiLink IP21GSM - VoIP-GSM Gateway

2x GSM channel, 1x Ethernet

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$686.07 tax incl.
$567.00 tax excl.

MobiLink IP - VoIP-GSM Gateway



TOPEX MobiLink IP is a GSM/UMTS small capacity gateway with VoIP interfaces. Its main functionality is to interconnect IP PBX or hibrid PBX with mobile networks. With TOPEX MobiLink IP you make significant savings on calls from IP to cellular networks and backwards.




  • 1 or 2 cellular modules Available in multiple configurations
  • Least Cost Routing by: prefix
  • Works with any IP-PBX or Softswitch based on SIP protocols (e.g. Topex multiSwitch, Topex IP-PBX, Asterisk™, Cisco Call-Manager™,etc),hybrid PBX with VoIP trunks
  • DISA  capability
  • Advanced Incoming and outgoing call routing
  • SIP protocols supported
  • Advanced SMS capabilities
  • Send SMS from Web
  • SMS to E-mail and E-mail to SMS
  • Easy to use web based interface




  • 1 or 2 cellular modules
  • Supports up to 2 cellular operators
  • Simple intergration with VoIP
  • Least Cost Routing - ideal solution for cost reduction
  • Fast return investment
  • User friendly web based interface




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