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Epygi Quadro2xi

Analog phones: 2, IP phones: 8, Add'l IP phones with keys up to 16, Total extensions: 18, Concurrent Calls: 12

ISDN BRI ports: 1, Ethernet LAN ports: 1, Ethernet WAN ports: 1

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$865.76 tax incl.
$715.50 tax excl.

Availability: one week

The Quadro2xi is an almost identical cousin to the 2x, but substitutes an ISDN high-speed, high-bandwidth connection for the regular phone port. An ISDN line offers a step up in WAN performance over DSL connections and the ISDN SO port accepts analog voice and other activity (fax, etc.).


Note: ISDN is not widely supported in the USA. It is intended for all other countries with large networks of ISDN-based service providers. If you are unsure of ISDN support in your region please contact your dealer or Epygi Technologies directly for clarification.




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