Epygi QuadroM12Li-RM

Analog phones: 2, IP phones: 32, Add'l IP phones with keys: up to 96 in blocks of 16, 32 or 64, Concurrent Calls: 45

ISDN BRI ports: 6, Ethernet LAN port: 1, Ethernet WAN port: 1

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$2,717.06 tax incl.
$2,245.50 tax excl.

Availability: one week

The target market for the QuadroM12Li is for offices of 32 – 98 users supporting up to 45 concurrent calls with a high demand for IP phone users. This solution can offer the smaller offices advanced features previously only available on the QuadroM32x. These features include Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for call centers, audio conferencing, call recording and barge-in features. Advanced features are purchasable items, so customers can choose what they pay for instead of being locked into a one-size-fits-all solution. Even though the QuadroM12Li is designed for medium-sized offices, the new owner can be comfortable knowing they are using an enterprise-grade solution backed by Epygi's support and guaranteed reliability. The QuadroM12li is equipped with six (6) ISDN BRI ports for foreign markets, not including North America. The ISDN BRI ports support NT and TE selectable mode options.


Small business customers demand feature-rich and price-competitive IP PBX solutions. The QuadroM12Li answers that demand with increased IP ports and enhanced features for medium-sized offices. Included with the system is support for HD audio, point-to-point video and other desktop productivity tools. Also added to the QuadroM12Li are audio input and output ports for music on hold and paging speaker connections. Additional storage options include a compact flash slot or an external FTP server for recorded calls or system backups.


Analog phones: 2
IP phones: 32
Add'l IP phones with keys:
up to 96 in blocks of
16, 32 or 64
Concurrent Calls: 45

ISDN BRI ports: 6
Ethernet LAN port: 1
Ethernet WAN port: 1

Compact Flash slot for add'l memory: 1

Audio Input: 1
Audio Output: 1

Enclosure: Steel rack mount




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