Allo 4x E1 board, no EC

Allo 4x E1 board, no  EC

ALLO 4x E1 board , no Echo Cancellation

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PRI Card is PCI/PCIe card, supports 1-4 ISDN32 PRI E1 span


This is an affordable 1-4 port T1/E1 card that delivers great voice quality which includes line Echo
Cancellation in the hardware. It supports up to 30 voice calls per span full–duplex data throughput
over four T1, E1 lines. This card can be used along with open source Asterisk PBX running on a PC,
Customers can develop their own IP PBX solution with full feature set of legacy PBX and sophisticated feature set of modern IP-PBX. This card is available in both PCI and PCIe interfaces.




  • 1 to 4 ISDN-32 PRI E1 port with 30 B channels and 1 D channel per span
  • Hardware based echo cancellation.
  • EuroISDN (PRI or PRA) - Q.931/Q.921
  • RJ 48 connector
  • Suitable for 3.3 volts and 5.0 volts 32 bit PCI 2.2 slots


Target Applications:


  • Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services
  • Complex IVR Trees
  • "Meet-Me" Bridge Conferencing
  • Calling Card Platforms
  • VoIP Gateways
  • Legacy PBX/IVR Services
  • Voice/Data Router (replace expensive routers)
  • Call Center