OpenVox V100-256

OpenVox V100-256

Up to 256 transcoding sessions, PCI & PCIe Bus

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OpenVox V100


Product Spotlight

OpenVox V100 innovative transcoding card comes with the industry’s first PCI & PCI-E form factors design in one Single board and designed for superior voice quality for low to high density system!


  • 30 to 400 transcoding sessions
  • No Licensing Fees1
  • PCI and PCI-E Form Factors in one SINGLE board
  • Reduce Host CPU Load
  • Suitable for normal PCI or low profile PCI applications
  • Provides PCI/PCI-E/RJ45 media/control flow paths.
  • Works with Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®.
  • Overview

    Because of its low bandwidth requirements, the voice data compression Codecs, such as G.729AB,G.726,AMR,G.722.1,iLBC,GSM,etc.are commonly used in VoIP applications. The G.711 Codec is used in legacy network. For bridging TDM to VoIP connectivity, it needs Codec transformation. Compared with Transformation software, the V100 card, Based Multicore-DSP, can convert more sessions of transcoding, reduce host CPU load.

    The V100 card is rated to handle up to 32/64/128/256/400 Codec transformations without additional licensing fees1 for transcoding.

    The V100 card can be worked as PCI /PCI-E Form Factors in one board. The V100 is suitable for nomal PCI or low profile PCI applications,and can provide PCI/PCI-E/RJ45/media/control flow paths. These features can save the cost and support flexible applications. The V100 can be worked with Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®.

  • High density up from 30 to 400 Transcoding
  • No additional License Fee1
  • Small Size 2U Form Factor
  • PCI and PCI-E interface in one board
  • Supports Low Profile PCI/PCI-E
  • Multi Media/Control Flow Paths
  • Reduce Host CPU Load
  • Release API for Integration
  • OS: Linux and Windows
  • Integrates in Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®
  • Support distributed or integrated Application
  • Target Applications
  • Hosted VoIP GateWay
  • Conferencing Server
  • IVR Server
  • IP Network Peering
  • Distributed Office PBX
  • Call Centers
  • SIP Trunking
  • Codec Support
  • G.711
  • GSM-FR
  • G.722
  • G.722.1
  • AMR
  • G.726
  • AMR-WB (G.722.2)
  • G.729AB
  • iLBC

    Except for AMR and ANR-WB


  • PCI :32bit/33MHz
  • PCI-E: x1
  • 10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45
  • Software
  • Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®
  • API
  • Dimensions
  • Includes Low Profile PCI/ PCIe Short Form Factor in 2U Chassis
  • 64.1x 119.8mm (PCB)
  • Power Requirments
  • PCI:2.5A @3.3V
  • PCIe-E:0.3A @3.3V; 0.6A @12V
  • Operating Temperature
  • 0 – 50 °C
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Ordering Information
    Production Number Usage Accessory
    V100-032 Up to 32 Transcoding Sessions Low profile PCI Bracket
    V100-064 Up to 64 Transcoding Sessions
    V100-128 Up to 128 Transcoding Sessions
    V100-256 Up to 256 Transcoding Sessions
    V100-400 Up to 400 Transcoding Sessions




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