DinStar MTG3000T - Transcoding Gateway, 48xE1

Transcoding Gateway, 48*E1s, 2U chassis, SIP/IMS, G.711A/U,G.723.1,G.729A/B, iLBC,AMR, G.726, Up to 1568 lines G.729/G.711 transcoding, Dual power supply, hot backup

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MTG3000T Transcoding Gateway


MTG3000T is a highly-reliable and high-performance trunk gateway which is used for VoIP code conversion and designed for telecom operators and various industries. Focusing on a concept of maintainable, manageable and operable, MTG3000T features high integration and large capacity. It constructs a flexible, high-efficient and future-oriented communication network for users.


MTG3000T supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and multiple codec methods. With high-capacity concurrency, quick connection, the gateway improves the utilizing efficiency of trucking resources while ensuring voice quality. It is widely used by call centers, operators and large-size enterprises for the entry into IMS network based on VoIP.


High Density Transcoding Device
Up to 1568 sessions of G.729-G.711 simultaneously via a standard 2U box.
Rich-in Services
Provide Voice over IP, FAX over IP and Modem/POS services.
Flexible dialing rules
Support flexible dialing rules, thus adapting to different requirements of different environments.
Support Multiple Codes
Support the conversion of multiple coding methods such as G.711A/U, G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC,G.726 and AMR.
Good Compatibility
Have good compatibility with Huawei SoftX3000, and leading softswitches and IMS systems from ZTE, Nokia and Alcatel etc.
Easy and Convenient Management
This transcoding device supports SNMP and cloud management system, easy to maintain and monitor device.
Friendly Web GUI management, easy to configure device
Support SNMP protocol, compatible with standard SNMP platform
Support cloud-base centralized management platform which helps to monitor device status, collect alarm information and send alarm to predefined email address etc.




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