Epygi Quadro FXS 16 Gateway

Epygi Quadro FXS 16 Gateway


FXS ports: 16, Ethernet LAN ports: 1, Ethernet WAN ports: 1

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The Quadro FXS 16 port gateway is a modular approach to adding additional FXS lines (analog phones) to a corporate phone network that uses Epygi’s Quadro IP PBXs. Multiple Quadro FXS 16 Gateways can be added to a Quadro IP PBX for additional analog phone support. Each device allows the use of 16 additional analog phones by converting the IP extensions of the IP PBX into analog ports without the complexity of using other FXS gateways resulting in a multi-vendor solution. An Epygi solution from end-to-end increases the overall reliability of a hybrid VoIP deployment and facilitates Plug-and-Play functionality.


This solution simply connects to the existing Ethernet network and communicates directly with the LAN interface of a Quadro IP PBX. Therefore, minimal configuration is needed to continue to support the current analog phones installed. The Quadro IP PBX will automatically use the new FXS ports and display the new extensions in Quadro IP PBX management GUI. The new analog lines can then be managed from the IP PBX interface without a need to now support multiple Quadro devices.

FXS ports: 16
Ethernet LAN ports: 1
Ethernet WAN ports: 1




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