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Epygi Quadro FXS 26 Gateway

Epygi Quadro FXS 26 Gateway


FXS ports: 26, Ethernet LAN ports: 1, Ethernet WAN ports: 1

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$2,172.56 tax incl.
$1,795.50 tax excl.

Availability: one week

The ability to use a large existing analog telephone base with a new IP telephony network is a very important requirement for many Epygi customers. The Quadro FXS 26 gateway can be added to an IP network allowing the analog phones to join the new VoIP network. These gateways can be stacked for additional capacity and is only limited to the capacity of the core IP PBX the gateway connects to. This gateway can be installed with any SIP-compliant IP PBX on the market or plug and play with an Epygi IP PBX. The modular approach of the Epygi gateway allows the SMB or enterprise customer to retain an investment from the past while adopting the latest technology with ease.


The Quadro FXS 26 functions identically to the Quadro FXS 16 version. Once the FXS gateway has registered with the Epygi IP PBX, the FXS extensions are mapped to IP lines and managed directly from the Epygi PBX management GUI. An end-to-end Epygi solution simplifies management and deployment, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of an Epygi IP PBX network.


FXS ports: 26
Ethernet LAN ports: 1
Ethernet WAN ports: 1




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